Bursa Green Mosque and Great Mosque

bursa_green_mosquaGreen Mosque

Among the first architectural examples of the Ottoman Empire, the Green Mosque was built in Bursa in 1419 and is famous for its valuable tiles that cover a great part of the structure. The magnificent mosque with a capacity of two thousand people was also meant to function as a government house.

The Green Mosque is the most beautiful example of wood and marble craftsmanship, calligraphy and fine ornamentation in Anatolia.The madrasa constructed later was adjoining to the western wing of the mosque and has been turned into the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts.

Bursa – Great Mosque

Located in the province of Bursa famous for its silk and built upon the order of Sultan Yıldırım Bayezit during the Ottoman period, the construction of the Great Mosque was completed in 1400. A classic example of Ottoman mosque architecture, the monument has exactly 20 domes. The museum is visited particularly for its 192 magnificent wall inscriptions in addition to its precious clocks and candelabras. Housing a majestic fountain too, the Great Mosque mesmerizes visitors with its mystical quality.