Istanbul Ayasofya St Sophia Museum

Home of Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia is the one of the most visited museums and most prominent monuments in the world in terms of art and history of architecture. It has also been called «the eighth wonder of the world» by the East Roman Philon. The current Hagia Sophia is the third construction, done in a different architectural style, even though it occupies the same location as the previous two. The original building was constructed by the most important architects of the period (527-565), Anthemios (Tralles) and Isidoros (Miletus), under the order of Emperor Justinianos. According to the resources during its construction period each of the two prominent architects had 100 architects working under them, each of whom in turn had 100 workers working under them.

It was used as a church for 916 years but, following the conquest of Istanbul by Fatih Sultan Mehmed, Hagia Sophia was converted into mosque. Afterwards, it continued to operate as a mosque for 482 years. Under the order of Atatürk and the decision of the Council of Ministers, Hagia Sophia was converted into a museum in 1935.