Kars Ruins Ani


The ancient citadel of Ani is situated on the barren plains above the Arpacay Valley which separates Turkey and Armenia. The site is surrounded by an imposing fortified city wall, currently undergoing intensive restoration. This once prominent city used to house over 100.000 citizens during its hey-day. It was an important station on the ancient Silk Road, serving as a trading post and caravanseray as well as a resting place for merchants from their day’s trip fatigue.

What remains now are several churches, a ruined Seljuk palace, a couple of mosques, caravanserays and a cathedral. Exploring the remotest corners of this timeless land, gives the fearless visitor the chance to enjoy its priceless treasures and gain unforgettable memories retained fro a life-time. The truly voracious adventurer can create his own footprints through the ages.