Meat Dishes

meatfbedy1.Red Meat

Red meat is one of the main ingredients of the Turkish cuisine and a basic nutrition product of almost every kitchen especially in the eastern regions of Turkey. Red meat dishes prepared according to local recipes adorn the tables of homes and restaurants.

Kaburga dolması (stuffed ribs), sac kavurma (meat fried on iron plate), etli güveç (meat stew), kuzu yahni (lamb stew) are among the culinary delicacies waiting for you.

One of the most delightful dishes prepared with red meat is “köfte” meatballs made in Turkish style. Prepared with spices and condiments according to each Anatolian region, different types of meatballs, such as çiğ köfte or içli köfte, enrich the tables of the local cuisine.

2.White Meat

Dishes made of white meat are among the main components of the Turkish cuisine. Chicken is a vital ingredient of a wide range of soups, kebabs, rice dishes, pastries and even desserts.

Baked chicken, chicken legs in paper bags, sautéed chicken with mushrooms alongside pilaf with chicken meat and chicken pie are some of the popular dishes made in this country. Moreover, Tavuk ğöğsü (chicken breast pudding) is not only a unique but also a delicious traditional dessert worth tasting.

3.Offal Dishes

Dishes made from offal are among the essential components of the Turkish culinary culture. Authentic specialties such as dishes made from liver, işkembe çorbasi (tripe soup), damar tuzlama or kokoreç can be found at various touristic restaurants open until late at night.